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It’s 100% official.

I live and work in California.  I share an incredible apartment with my sweet, amazing boyfriend.  I have a job that I already love, one day in.

Could I be any happier?

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My favorite place <3
Waiting …

Anxiously waiting to see if I have a job here in California!  Fingers are tightly crossed.

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Have I reblogged this?  I’ve reblogged this.
Once I actually have some money

Things to do

  • trip to Orange County
  • get a haircut
  • dye my hair

Things to buy

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Ugh except it’s not just “sometimes”.  It’s “all the time”.
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I love being called this.
I’ve spent most of today doing various beauty treatments

Just so I can look good for the boyfriend, who I get to see in a couple hours.

My life!

At this time on Saturday, I will FINALLY be with my boy.  Only for a couple days, but still.  I am just dying for a hug from him.

This is not what I usually post but I feel like just standing on rooftops and shouting about how proud I am of my boyfriend right now, and this seemed like the best way to do it!

He has been working incredibly hard for months on a project and yesterday his studio revealed their new game in Germany at Gamescom.  It’s called Wildstar, and it’s a next generation MMO.  I definitely recommend going to the site and checking out the amazing trailer for the game.  And if you know anyone who likes video games, you should point them to Wildstar.  

My boyfriend has been pouring so much time and passion and dedication into this game, and now that the product is finally out there (at least somewhat!), everyone can see just how fantastic Carbine Studios is and how hard they’ve been working.

I am so proud to say that I know someone who has worked on this!  

Companion blog

I’ve decided to create a separate blog for solely personal posts.  I’m going to transition away from posting personal entries on here, or I may start posting on both, we’ll see.  Anyway, it’s on my list of links, or you can check it out here.  I just started it today, so there aren’t many entries, but I’ll be updating it pretty much daily. :) Thanks to everyone who checks it out!

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